Protein Muesli
Protein Muesli
Protein Muesli
Protein Muesli
Protein Muesli
Protein Muesli

Protein Muesli

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Mimina muesli are a simple combination of organic ingredients. Differently to granola, muesli is not cooked but rather created by mixing different seeds, nuts puffed or flaked cereals, and dried fruits together.

  • contains 40 % of proteins for 100g of product
  • Ideal for athletes and great to integrate protein while following a vegetarian/vegan diet

Soya flakes* (28%), rye flakes*(28 %), dates*, puffed millet*, apples
*, almonds*, cashews*, chia seeds*
* organic ingredient


    Soya flakes- naturally rich in proteins and rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium and iron
    Rye flakes- Thanks to their high fibre content they help maintain a healthy digestive track, help the absorbtion of sugar and give a feeling of fullness. 
    Dates- dates with their high content of sugar and minerals are an ideal snack for those who practice sports as they are an excellent energy booster. The potassium and magnesium contained in dates is particularly useful for the balance of the liquids in the body while also protecting the cardiovascular system.
    Puffed millet- A rich cereal with various minerals as for example iron, magnesium and  phosphor.
    Dried Apples- Rich in mineral salts and vitamins such as A and C
    Almonds- Their insoluble fibres give regularity to the intestine while the soluble fibres create a sense of prolonged fullness. 
    Cashews- The dry fruit less fats, ideal for a healthy heart
    Chia seeds- the richest in 'good fats' like omega 6 and omega 3.


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    Barbara M.
    Italy Italy
    Acquisti squisiti

    Prodotti gustosi e naturali

    Domenico S.
    Italy Italy
    Ottimo per sportivi

    Ottimo prodotto. Servizio di alta qualità, Francesca è reperibile e molto disponibile. Il prodotto lo acquisto abitualmente e lo sconsiglio. Ha dei valori nutrizionali davvero ottimi !

    Luisa P.
    Italy Italy
    Troppo Buono per Essere cosi Salutare

    Muesli con un alto contenuto di proteine che è ideale per una dieta vegetariana ! Cosi di prima mattina mi gusto una ciotola di latte vegetale con questo muesli e sono gia' a buon punto con le mie proteine giornaliere consigliate :) grazie un ottimo prodotto.

    Sara P.
    Italy Italy
    Proteine Bio Ottime

    Un muesli veramente gustoso e ricchi di proteine ! Ideale per chi non ama la carne e vuole integrare le proteine nella propria dieta. grazie mille !

    Raffaele O.
    Italy Italy
    Muesli Per Sportivi

    Vado spesso in palestra. Quasi sei volte alla settimana e adoro mangiare proteine vegetali anche perché di prima mattina non mi piace fare la colazione salata. questo muesli è gustoso e buonissimo per la salute ! Una formula buonissima con tante proteine !! lo amo



    For me hand made is synonymous of sharing. My simple recipes are made special by the love and passion that goes into them whilst we bake together. Here among the hills, when we wear our aprons, the magic begins.


    I select my organic ingredients meticulously to ensure the goodness’ and the quality of the finished product. In my products you will find canadian cranberries, mexican agave syrup, italian oats and hazelnuts ... the best that each country can offers.


    Living healthily while respecting nature is the best gift that you can give yourself day in and day out. With this in mind, I  gave life to Mimina, a brand that respects nature in all its production stages.