Box: Wake up with a smile
Box: Wake up with a smile
Box: Wake up with a smile
Box: Wake up with a smile
Box: Wake up with a smile
Box: Wake up with a smile

Box: Wake up with a smile

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This gift box includes the needed ingredients for starting off the day with a smile:

  • Ceramic hand made bowl
Their shape is given to each bowl using a manual technique, they are then immersed in the enamel individually creating always unique nuances. Once marked with my M of Mimina with a hand stamp they are finally cooked several times to give life not only to the enamel but also to the earth we have left exposed. Suitable for washing in dishwashers Size: 16cm diameter of mouth -height 7cm

  • Granola 240g -Choice of one Flavour:

Granola Apples & Cinnamon
Ingredients: oat flakes*, linseed*, almonds*, agave syrup*, rice syrup*, cinnamon*, concentrated apple juice*, dried apple*, pink Himalayan salt

Granola Raisins & Almonds
Ingredients: oat flakes*linseed*, pumpkin seed*, agave syrup, rice syrup*, almonds*, sultan raisins*, pink Himalayan salt

Granola Orange & Cranberries
Ingredients: oat flakes*linseed*, sunflower seeds*, agave syrup*, rice syrup*, natural orange extract*, cranberries*, pink Himalayan salt

Granola Salt & Pepper
Ingredients: oat flakes*, white sesame seeds*, black sesame seeds*, Sugar*, agave syrup*, extra virgin olive oil*, black pepper*, pink Himalayan salt

Granola Cacao & Hazelnuts
Ingredients: oat flakes*, agave syrup*, rice syrup*, nuts*, cocoa*, linseed*, pink Himalayan salt

=*organic ingredient


The main benefits of the ingredients used in our granola:
(To see the benefits of the ingredients of each grain just visit the page of the grain of interest)

oat flakes-slow carbohydrate release
agave syrup-sweetener with a low glycemic index
Rice syrup-Contains amino acids, potassium, sodium and magnesium essential for the body
Flax seed-help to keep blood sugar low and help maintain a healthy digestive system
Himalayan Pink Salt-rich in 84 minerals
Nuts- among the richest fruits in Vitamin E

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