Replacement Head for Plate Brush

Replacement Head for Plate Brush

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This bamboo replacement brush head will make your kitchen utensil like new !

This brush can also be used on it's own as a handy little helper in the kitchen or bathroom. We love to use it at home to crub surfaces of the sink or of the bathtub and shower!

The bristles can wear out over time and it is good to change them regularly to keep a good hygiene.

No need to throw the brush away! Just change the head and remember: they are all natural fibers!

Bamboo unlike a tree has a different life flow which allows this plant not to risk deforestation. The underground root network is like a life resource with an accelerated life cycle compared to other plants. Bamboo wood is ideal for use around the 4th/5th year of age, as in the years after it can be attacked by mud and mold. In these years of degradation, the plant is ready to replace old bamboo with new ones. The cutting of bamboo for commercial use therefore does not destroy the life of the forest as the plant is  ready to replace that same bamboo shortly after.