Mozzarella con Granola

Mozzarella with Granola






1 Mozzarella mignon pack

1 Cucumber

1 Zucchini

40g Salt & Pepper Granola

Extra virgin olive oil 


1. Cut the cucumber and zucchini into julienne strips using a potato peeler. Create with these a bed on which we will place the mozzarella.

2. But an X on top of each mozzarella in order to allow for the granola to fall more easily into the cheese

3. Place the mozzarella on the vegetable bed and sprinkle over Salt & Peppe Granola

4. We like to add drizzle of extra virgin olive oil before serving!

    I designed this dish as an appetizer or as a vegeterian main course. These small mozarella balls lend themselves for bite size servings but in case you can't find them in your local store a lager mozarella will taste just a great!