Vellutata di Pisellini

Creamy Pea Soup




30 min


4 medium potatoes

400g Fresh or Frozen Peas

A quarter of a leek

Salt and oil 


1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes
2. Cut the leek into slices
3. Add the leek, potatoes and in a large bowl and brown them with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt for a few minutes
4. Once the ingredients are flavored, add hot water to the pot to cover the vegetables. Close with a lid and check after 5-10min. (Cooking varies from potato and pea type)
5. Keep the water level constant during cooking. Then add water if necessary.
6. Test the cooking of the vegetables with a fork and as soon as cooked turn off the heat.
7. Use an immersion mixer to create the creamy texture of your soup. Add water to taste according to the desired consistency.
8. Serve and add a spoonful of Salt & Black Granola to finish
9. Enjoy !

Salt & Pepper Granola was create to give personality to the simplest dishes. With its mix of seeds and create them it is ideal to create dishes with a healthy nutritional intake that can simplify our daily routine and give taste to our dishes !

In my house this granola is always at the table and is used as a dressing on salads, soups, cooked vegetables, carpacci, fresh cheeses... and more!