Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g
Gift Box 5 x 240g

Gift Box 5 x 240g

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Mimina granola is handmade, vegan, organic and without added refined sugar. The simple recipes have a unique taste which is given thanks to the meticulous study of ingredients, which together yield a very beneficial slow energy release. 

The base of my granola is oat flakes, agave syrup and linseeds that facilitate a slow nutrients absorption as well as helping to maintain low blood sugar levels. My five different flavours showcase different fruits, seeds and nuts that bring an array of different benefits to our bodies. 

Oat flakes- stabalize the glucose level thanks to a slow carbohydrate release. Rich in fibres and fats polinsaturi + monounsaturated that ensure the transport of essential vitamins
Agave syrup- sweeter with a low glycemic index
Rice syrup- contains essential amino acids, potassium, sodium and magnesium 
Dried appleRich in mineral salts and vitamins such as A and C, the apples are a fruit that help reinforce the immune system
Almonds- their insoluble fibres give regularity to the intestine while the soluble fibres create a sense of prolonged sense of fullness
Flax seeds
- help to keep blood sugar levels low and help maintain a healthy digestive system
Cinnamon - helps to keep the sugar level low in the blood hence, helping to avoid mood swings and downfalls of energy
Pink Himalayan salt
- rich in Minerals


Apple & Cinnamon Granola
Oat flakes* (50 %), dried apple* (10 %) (apple 95 %, rice flour 5 %), almonds*, concentrated apple juice* (9 %),agave syrup*, rice syrup*, flax seeds*, cinnamon* (2 %), pink Himalayan salt

Raisin & Almond Granola
Ingredients: oat Flakes*, linseeds*, pumpkin seeds*, agave syrup, rice syrup*, almonds*, raisins*, pink Himalayan salt

Orange & Cranberry Granola
Ingredients: oat Flakes*, linseeds*, sunflower seeds*, agave syrup*, rice syrup*, natural orange extract*, cranberries*, pink Himalayan salt.

Salt & Pepper Granola
Ingredients: oat Flakes*, white sesame seeds*, black sesame seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, agave syrup*, extra virgin olive oil*, black pepper*, pink Himalayan salt.

Cacao & Hazelnut Granola
Ingredients: oats flakes*, agave syrup*, rice syrup*, hazelnuts* , natural cocoa*, linseeds*, pink Himalayan salt

=* organic ingredient

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Precisa e puntuale grazie

Martina S.
Italy Italy

Ho regalato una selezione di granole a mia sorella per il compleanno. Le ha provate tutte e non c'è stato un tipo che non abbia trovato buonissimo! Le consiglio sia per la bontà che per il packaging per un regalo alternativo delizioso.

Miriam F.
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regalo pregiato

Idea regalo molto originale e di pregio